Subway Skate Hooligans plus

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Subway Skate Hooligans plus

Enjoy the “Subway Skate Hooligans plus” endless runner game.

When hooligan break window glass with football game will start and policeman starts chasing hooligan.

The Hooligan needs to run fast through the roads, but these roads are completely full of obstacles.

So the game player needs to swipe up, down, left, or right to avoid crashing into oncoming obstacles. A crash results the game is over, but the player can continue running by

“Save me” watching 5-second video Video.

Subway Skate Hooligans plus  fun endless runner tests your skills while you run through streets that are filled with obstacles.

You’ll start off with a short tutorial that’ll teach you how to move from one side to the other; move towards the right by sliding your finger in that direction and the same thing for the left.

Slide your finger upward to jump and down to hide.

Once you’ve mastered the controls, you can run away from your chaser.

During your journey, you’ll have to move around all kinds of streets and roads, dodge cars, buses and other elements such as construction sites and fences that’ll absolutely make your life more difficult.

As you continue advancing through theSubway Skate Hooligans plus  game, the difficulty level will continue to increase. You’ll have to run, and running will be a matter of skill.

If you like endless runners and you’d like to prove how far you can go, this fun adventure will make you face all kinds of elements while you also collect as many coins as you can and beat every level in Subway Skate Hooligans plus

Enjoy the game

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