Free Flight Tracker

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The Free Flight Tracker is the most convenient flight app you will find on web. Travel safe & enjoy your flight!
The Free Flight Tracker is a free android application
All available airlines and flights for any airport, all over the world.
Get in-depth information about; arrivals, departures, terminal & gates, delays, and much more.
Check easily when it’s time to go pick up a friend.



  • Track any flight in the world
  • Detailed Departure and Arrival information
  • Flight Delay info
  • Live Flight Tracker
  • Real-time Terminal and Gate updates
  • Add your boarding pass
  • Plan your flights on Trips
  • Check local weather at your destination
  • Add notes with your flight details
  • Easy share your flight info
  • Interesting Aircraft facts

and more will be added

please download our free app
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