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The No1 Anatomy Dictionary App  is  A Free an Android application developed for the medical profession ,medical students ,all people in medical field, even for puplic who want to understand som anatomical terms

actual is not only an anatomy dictionary  but it can be called  full anatomical library as it  we will add more sources for anatomy and medicine

like books ,vidoes,sounds,….etc
pls keep daily in touch to see the more sources

it is very heplfull for medical students ,surgeons ..etc

Categories are:

-Shoulder and Arm
-Forearm, Wrist and Head
-Spine and Throx
-Head ,Neck and Jaw
-Pelvis and Hip
-Thigh and Knee

Check out our latest Anatomy Terms Dictionary…

Main Features:
1. Equipped with quick dynamic search function – The dictionary will start searching for the words while you type.
2. > 10,000 words – Included all the popular and daily use terms in the dictionary.
3. FREE – It is completely free. Download at no cost.
4. Work Offline – It work offline, no active internet connection is required. Perfect for your trips or when no data connection is available.
5. Small Size (few MB) – The dictionary will only take a small portion of your Android devices.
6. Android version compatibility – The Apps can work perfectly fine on all Android version either on latest Gingerbread Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwich Jelly Bean KitKat Lollipop Marshmallow Nougat or older version.
7. Simple and easy to UI. The app come with an user friendly function, allowing you to use with ease.
8.Material Design

In addition, all the terms are listed alphabetically with faster search facility, easy to navigate through entire app.

This app will work as a great pocket resource for Human Anatomy terms and definitions.

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This dictionary contain all the words related to structure of human skeleton ,plant and animal each word contain short description with clear meaning .Search option is also mentioned in this, which is very helpful to find out any word. very friendly in nature for study and for other related purpose.

please share this usefull app to your friends and collegues

please download our free app ,share the app with your friends ,and rate the app in the store

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