Learn Kids English

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This free app is very useful for your kids who need to improve English vocabulary, listening and reading abilities. You can let your kids learn English with hundreds of vocabulary with videos ,Sounds, images and pronunciation And more
 It’s very easy to use with simple, intuitive and powerful interface.
This app is abundant in subjects used in daily situations. Let’s learn with your kids with a lot of fun.
Subjects included:
Ancient Egypt
Around the world
British tales
Bugs and insects
Computers and technology
Daily routines
Days and months
Farm animals
Festivals and celebrations
Free time and hobbies
Fruit and vegetables
Health and illness
Homes and furniture
Lunar New Year
Maps and directions
Mythical creatures
Olympic and Paralympic Games
Online safety
Parts of the body
Road safety
Robot songs
Sea animals
Spies and codes
Story Time
Towns and cities
Traditional songs
Traditional stories
Wild animals
also include
Listen and watch
Read and write
Your turn
Reading practice
Writing practice
Speak and spell
Tricky words
Grammar and vocabulary
Grammar practice
Grammar videos
Grammar chants
Word games
Word of the week
Fun and games
Tongue twisters
Print and make
and more sections will b added
please download our free app ,share the app ,rate the app in the store
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