Free Botanical Dictionary

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Free Botanical Dictionary
With more than 3500 botanical terms and their meanings, this Free Botanical Dictionary is here to increase your botanical knowledge.
For quick and SMART learning this Botany Dictionary has lots of pictorial representation of terms verified by botanists.the most frequent but however most difficult to find terms, expressions and idioms used in the field of botany for educational and professional purposes with clearly understandable definitions, everywhere off-line, without internet connection.
Botany & Plants Dictionary categories-
• Morphology
• Plant Anatomy & Genetics
• Aestivation
• Phenology,
• Plant Taxonomy & nomenclature
• Plant Biochemistry
• Environment Botany
• Arboriculture
• Organismal Botany
• Agronomy
• Miscellaneous 
Our Free Botanical Dictionary is a glossary of plants, flowers, algae, fungi, and much much more. . 
We have built this dictionary with ease of use in mind.
We have designed it so that you can easily find what you are looking for by browsing alphabetically or using our search engine to instantly find what you are looking for.
It contain all the word related to plant science botany has included the study of fungi and algae.This dictionary related to plant biology.Each word contain with their description.Search option is also available .It is user friendly kind of dictionary.
Main Features:
1. Equipped with quick dynamic search function – The dictionary will start searching for the words while you type.
2. > 10,000 words – Included all the popular and daily use terms in the dictionary.
3. FREE – It is completely free. Download at no cost.
4. Work Offline – It work offline, no active internet connection is required. Perfect for your trips or when no data connection is available.
5. Small Size (few MB) – The dictionary will only take a small portion of your Android devices.
6. Android version compatibility – The Apps can work perfectly fine on all Android version either on latest Gingerbread Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwich Jelly Bean KitKat Lollipop Marshmallow Nougat or older version.
7. Simple and easy to UI. The app come with an user friendly function, allowing you to use with ease.
8.Material Design
In addition, all the terms are listed alphabetically with faster search facility, easy to navigate through entire app.
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لمزيد من التطبيقات المجانيه

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تطبيق  قواعد السيطره علي الاخرين   هو تطبيق اندرويد مجاني لجميع الاجهزه التي تعمل بنظام اندرويد التطبيق يعملك قواعد قراءه الاخرين…

Free Medical literature

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  Download Download from Huwaie appgallery Store Free Medical literature  is a free android application  directed to all people in…

تطبيق تليفزيون صلاح Salah TV
 هو تطبيق أندرويد مجاني مصمم لجميع أجهزة أندرويد